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Vara Education Childcare

Aims and Objectives


Vara Education aims to provide high quality care and education for children. We provide a secure foundation for learning in an encouraging and nurturing environment. Where there is an equality of opportunity and support for all. Where staff and parents or carers work in close partnership.


These aims are promoted through:

      Unique Child

  • Development of personal independence, freedom to initiate activities and make choices

  • Development of self-discipline and self-motivation

  • Valuing each child as a unique individual with special skills and abilities

  • Inclusion of children with special needs and the provision of support and resources to meet their needs

  • A growing sense of well-being, happiness and confidence for each child

  • Development of children’s self-respect and confidence in their abilities


      Positive Relationships

  • Development of friendships

  • Development of relationships where adults and children accept, value and respect one another

  • Promotion of appropriate behaviour in different situations and how to manage their feelings

  • Good working partnerships between staff. Also, between staff and parents/carers


    Enabling Environments

  • Freedom to express feelings, ideas, and beliefs within a supportive environment

  • Having fun, laughing, encouraging the development of humour

  • Creation of a loving and caring environment in which each child's potential can be nurtured


      Learning and Development

  • Enjoyment in learning through play and structured activities

  • Development of imagination

  • Development of expressive arts and design through music, dance, drama, role play, art and craft

  • Development of communication and language

  • Encouragement for children to explore and investigate the world around them and develop their understanding of it

  • Development of physical skills including both large and small motor skills


       Unique features 

  • Spanish lessons

  • PE lessons taught by highly qualified PE teachers

  • Makaton. A unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable children to communicate

  • Yoga

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