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Vara teachers will focus on programming as computing replaced ICT as a subject in 2014.

The children will learn about computer science through programming experience as we believe this is the best way.

Vara Teachers will encourage children to create programs, systems and a range of content whilst encouraging them to express themselves and develop their own unique ideas.

We will highlight the importance on what is learnt can be used in future working environment and everyday lives as our world is becoming rich with technology.

Our teachers will ensure that the national curriculum is met at all times.

Vara can provide IPADS for the computing lessons.



Vara will deliver high quality music lessons that get the children passionate and inspired to learn music.

We will ensure our lessons are full of energy and meet the national curriculum standard.

Here at Vara we are passionate on the planning and delivering high standard lessons to all children from all backgrounds.

Our music lessons are well planned and prepared with the use of a wide range of diverse teaching techniques and using the best possible resources.

All students will be regularly assessed and shared with the school.



Our Vara language teachers will ensure that children learn a language whilst having fun. Vara teachers will also give the children an insight into the culture of the language and will broaden their minds with creative and inspiring lessons.

All our teachers will ensure that the lessons are structured to meet the national curriculum.


Languages we can cover:


· Spanish

· French

· Italian

· German


* Vara can cater for other languages, please enquire.



 Vara Education will provide schools with a fun, creative and inspiring art teacher to cover PPA time. Art is often avoided or undervalued within a primary school setting due to time pressures and under skilled staff, Vara Education looks to take this exciting opportunity and work closely with your children to help them develop through this vital area of the curriculum.

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