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Quality ppa cover to primary schools

We cover N.Wales & North West!

Why Choose Us

Vara specialise in the planning and delivery of quality PPA cover to primary schools across the North West and North Wales.

See the Difference

Here at Vara we take pride in our skilled & professional path way to delivering quality PPA cover. We can deliver single subjects; Art, PE, LANGUAGE, MUSIC & IT/COMPUTING to cover PPA time or we can deliver a carousel of subjects to cover a school’s entire PPA morning and afternoon.

How We Can Help You

We give children a safe & fun environment to make new friends and learn new skills. We keep over 5000 children active and introduce them to new sports.

Sarah Curtis, Head Teacher Meadow Primary School, Ellesmere Port

“Since using Vara Sports there has been a significant impact on the progress of children in all aspects of PE at Meadow.  The commitment to the raising of standards is exemplary and this is demonstrated through well planned lessons and assessments, exceptional behaviour management and a professional attitude at all times. The pupils thoroughly enjoy their lessons with their coach; he makes them fun yet challenging and his caring attitude ensures they feel safe.  The confidence and skills of our staff has increased as a result of quality training and working alongside the coach. Vara Sports has become an integral and essential part of the Meadow team.”

Vara Educations Vision

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